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It is the middle of November, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and then, whoops, here’s Christmas.  Do you have gift ideas that require sewing for Christmas?  Finding it hard to carve out blocks of sewing time without washers, dryers, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, dirty floors, or generalized clutter yelling at you?  Do I ever have a deal for you.

The Noble Quilter has open sewing times already on the calendar that will help you with the time allotment for some dedicated sewing.  If you are a Featherweight owner, come to the Featherweight Machine Club on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  Bring your own project to complete with other Featherweight enthusiasts.  You can sew from 10AM until 3PM.  Just think how much you could get done and have the fun of friends too.

Every 3rd Tuesday evening from 6PM until 8PM is Open Hand Sewing.  Bring your hand sewing project, relax, enjoy and share in the experience, fun and expertise of others that are attending.  We always learn so much from one another.

The Noble Quilter Sew-In Saturday Evening is from 4PM until 10PM.  This evening of sewing is usually full so if you want to participate, contact the shop and get on the waiting list.  That also tells me how much fun this evening of sewing with others really is.

There is also a Day Sew-In on the 4th Monday of the month.  In November, it is the 25th.  Come at 10 AM and stay until 4PM.  Talk about dedicated sewing time.

If you are taking a class or part of a BOM, you are always welcome to stay and sew for the remainder of the day.  This is great because the lesson is fresh and when we do something right away, we don’t have to deal with that pesky forgetting problem.

All the preceding sewing times have a cost involved which is stated in the TNQ Newsletter, please refer to that (the cost often includes food-mmmm).

Now – - – we can’t always fit into the scheduled time so here is the deal – grab a friend, call The Noble Quilter, request a time to sew and if the classroom is open,  you can use it all day long for $5.00/person.  The advantages are numerous – you will have lots of natural light along with overhead lighting, you have the shop right there for known or unexpected needs, you have friends to chat with, you may make new friends and/or be able to tap into someone’s expertise, you can go out for lunch or have it brought in,  you can have coffee, you can get your projects done.  You will not have to search for power strips, set up tables, find a scrap bucket or tote an iron – how great is that.  All you need is you, your machine, typical quilting supplies and your project.

Sparkler from Scrap Basket Sensations

Sparkler from Scrap Basket Sensations

This beautiful Christmas themed quilt could be easily completed by the Holidays.  It is already kitted for you, so you can get right to the construction.  Just think how much of it you could get done spending a day or two in classroom working on it.

Wine Tote & napkin pattern by Atkinson Designs

Wine Tote & Napkin Pattern by Atkinson Designs

Here is a gift idea – wine tote (this takes 1/2 hour from start to finish), a bottle of Minnesota produced wine, and a bottle stopper made by a local artisan.  All but the wine can be gotten at The Noble Quilter.

Napkins and Placemats

Napkins and Placemats

How about matching napkins & placemats.  Ours are pictured for Christmas decor but you could choose whatever suits the gift recipient.   Placemats, napkins and a set of wine glasses would make a “WOW” gift.  That would be a great wedding gift also.

Feed The Animals by Straight Stitch Society

Feed The Animals by Straight Stitch Society

Just look how busy Jackie has been making gifts.  These adorable creatures go together easily and what fun to give.

Here are some more completed Jackie projects:

Suzy Bag by This&That

Suzy Bag by This&That

She is definitely getting her gifts finished.  Another thought about the Suzy Bag – if you go to sporting events at stadiums, you can no longer carry a purse or bag.  How about this – the Suzy Bag will hold a cell phone, tickets, couple of credit cards, ID and some cash and maybe a pack of kleenexes (depends on how much cash you put in there).  We actually checked it out and it works plus you can carry it on your wrist or clip it to a belt loop.

Thought For The Day:  Gift giving season can be exhausting; make it pleasurable by starting a little early.


As Always,

Jan & Angie


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