Minnesota Shop Hop Adventures

The Shop Hop is officially over.  The numbers of men and women who participated is so exciting.  It is fun while working in the shop to meet people you would probably never meet otherwise.  Their stories are interesting and it is also fun to know what a large, diversified and “just plain nice” community we belong to as quilters.

I must say that the Original Minnesota Rock Heads were the most unique visitors.

Original Minnesota Rock Heads

Original Minnesota Rock Heads

Clarence the Moose, Stella, Gladys, Cecelia and Gertrude came (I hope I have their names in the correct order).  They were accompanied by a mother/daughter/granddaughter team.  Pam Ray is the artist from the southwestern corner of MN.  These are “one of a kind” felted wool dolls which are actually created around a rock, hence the name Rock Heads.  Each one has a personality of its own and they have many adventures which can be followed on their Facebook page (type in Original Minnesota Rock Heads).  They will be learning to sew soon as they purchased kits from the shops they visited.  We understand Gertrude’s permanent home is in Georgia and she is probably on her way there now.  Many of these dolls are custom made to have the personality the purchaser wants and are used for many purposes such as assisting with a grieving process and sometimes just for fun.

Another young lady by the name of Kris visited the shop.  She is actually from Champlin but she and her friends were busy doing outstate MN.  By the time she reached The Noble Quilter she had traveled 1300 miles.  That really isn’t the amazing thing – after a day of shop hopping they returned to her cabin and sewed. That requires energy.  Three cheers for you ladies.

We had ladies from Lancaster, a town in northwestern MN, I had never heard of (get to learn a little geography also).  They drove to the Lower Mid Minnesota Section for the Glamping patterns.  Great job to those who created this pattern, it was a hit.  We also met a young lady from Owatonna, who chose to complete our section because of Glamping.

The gentleman who made the most “brownie points” is the one who wanted to go on a motorcycle trip.  His wife wanted to participate in the shop hop and he suggested they combine the two.  He received many pats on the back from fellow shop hoppers.  I also enjoyed the men who came in looking for fabric expecting their quilting wives to create something for them.  Most of them were very focused and very proud of their wives skills.  Some of the men were quilters themselves.

The stories could go on and include the people waiting at the door long before opening time, the people from Nebraska and other states who chose to explore MN via the shop hop.  What a great time.

August is about over and, of course, that means settling back into our routines here in MN.  There are 2 new Beginner Classes starting in September.

Loni & Lori with completed Beginner Quilts

Loni & Lori with completed Beginner Quilts

Doris will be teaching both classes.  First one starts Sunday, September 8 and continues on the 15th & 22nd from 12-5.  The second will be offered on Wednesdays starting September 11, and continuing on the 18th, 25th and October 2nd from 12-5.  The skills taught will transfer to a majority of patterns available to quilters.  Plus – it is fun and rewarding to learn new skills.

There are a lot of other classes coming in September and Angie is busy planning October – December.  Check out the newsletter or simply come into the shop and see the samples to decide which class is the most interesting to you.

Just a note about Pinterest (which you access from this page) – we are striving to put a lot of useful information on our pinterest boards.  It has boards for quilting techniques along with ideas for quilting and other small sewing projects plus pictures of the many items carried by The Noble Quilter.  Take a look and enjoy.

Have an Awesome Day,

Jan & Angie

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