OK – Minnesota quilters, I am counting on the lion-lamb thing for the month of March.  Since it came in just like winter, it should go out looking like spring – correct?  Sometimes what is called an “old wives tale” is a good thing to hang on to.  I am all for this one.   Here is a good sign – the male goldfinches are starting to get a tinge of yellow – YAHOO! for that encouraging sign of spring.

Well, no matter the weather life goes on joyfully.  Have a look at this wonderful hutch -

" shabby Chic" Hutch from The Great Room in Elk River, MN

“Shabby Chic” Hutch from The Great Room in Elk River, MN

It is a lovely creamy white with lots of accents and it is actually for sale.  You don’t get to have what is so beautifully displayed on it but the hutch can be yours to grace the perfect spot in your home.  The proceeds will go to Faith in Action which is a volunteer organization that does numerous needed tasks in local counties.  There is information about this wonderful organization at TNQ.

For those of you who love teal, you may want to take note that the fabric from TNQ’s Top Ten quilt is now available in yardage and in bundles.  This is a fabric exclusive to TNQ and there is only limited amounts.

Wine – the colors, the fragrance, the taste – TNQ has a line of wine fabric that will evoke all those feelings.  Come in and see the display.

Table Setting at TNQ

Table Setting at TNQ

This is a fun vignette.  The placemats are printed and there is instruction for completion.  The table runner is All Seasons Runner by bean counter Quilts which nicely features sayings printed on the panel available.

Let’s have another look at that All Seasons Runner:

All Season Runner

All Season Runner

This is the same table runner as the one featuring wine fabric.  Obviously, this one features shamrocks and there is plenty of time to get this done by St. Patricks Day.  I have personally made one of these using Easter type fabrics (amazing what one can find in one’s fabric cupboard) and honestly, you would never know it is the same pattern.  This is a quick pattern by bean counter Quilts that completely changes with fabric choices.

Remember that the Cabin Fever class is coming soon.

Cabin Fever by Judy Niemeyer

Cabin Fever by Judy Niemeyer

The sample is now displayed in the shop.  This is a phenomenal quilt that anyone would be proud to say “I made that”.  Connie Chapman is the instructor and that is a treat in itself.  In the 1st class, she will help you pick the perfect fabrics and in the second class, she will teach you the piecing techniques.  The cost is only $35.00 plus the pattern for Connie’s expertise and for 2 classes.  It starts Saturday, March 15 and continues on Saturday, March 22.

As I said earlier, despite the weather, life goes on.  There is a lot happening at TNQ and we would love for you to join us.  Even if you are in the middle of a project and don’t need a new one, come in for a smile and an encouraging word.  We would also love to see your finished projects – that is always a highlight.

Thought:  Make a commitment to challenge yourself to learn a new skill in 2014.  It will improve your brain power.

The Noble Quilter Staff says “Hi”.  Come and see us.

Jan & Angie

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