Let’s Talk About Embroidery——

Did you know – Embroidery dates back more than 3000 years B.C.?  It is considered one of the earliest art forms and it was practiced by only the most skilled of men.  It required upwards of a 10 year apprenticeship to be accepted into an embroidery practice.  It is also a skill that had evolved simultaneously in all cultures for artwork and decoration on clothing.  Different cultures have created stitches unique to them and some of them do require extraordinary skill even today.

There is an ebook entitled The Development of Embroidery in America – Project Gutenberg that might interest you.  It has fascinating historical points that I certainly never thought of before.  It makes one kind of proud to participate in such an ageless craft.

Embroidery is making a “come back” with lots of fun projects from the very small -

Ornaments by Blueberry Backroads

Ornaments by Blueberry Backroads

to the in between size -

Pattern by This & That

Pumpkin & Spice by This & That

to the seasonal

Blueberry Backroads

A Little Flaky by This & That



Autumn by Wellington House

to the large -

Snow Days by Crabapple Hill - Embroidery BOM

Snow Days by Crabapple Hill – Embroidery BOM

Judy is our resident embroidery expert -

Instructor Judy

Instructor Judy

She is offering Beginner’s Embroidery Class Part II on Sunday, October 20, from Noon to 3PM.  She will be teaching Stitch Winter Away by Crabapple Hill.

Stitch Winter Away by Crabapple Hill

Stitch Winter Away by Crabapple Hill

Judy’s next Beginner’s Embroidery class is Sunday, November 3 from Noon to 3PM.  This class will feature Seeds of Friendship pillow by This & That.  The Dimensional Embroidery class is Sunday, November 17, from Noon until 4PM.  Choose the class that fits your skill level and be prepared to create works of art.

As always the staff of The Noble Quilter is here to serve all your stitching needs,

Jan & Angie




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