Introducing “The Blog” from the The Noble Quilter

Angie, the owner of The Noble Quilter, would like to introduce Jan.  She will be the official “blogger” for The Noble Quilter.  The purpose of the blog will be to keep you informed about classes; events; new arrivals and to offer inspiration.  There also will be a few quilting tips incorporated from time to time.

The Noble Quilter is a Quilting community.  A community is a group that knows you and stands with you when all is good and when life feels a little bleak.  We will always offer you a little “cheer” when you enter our doors.  We will help you choose classes to achieve quilting goals; we will help you choose fabric and notions to complete your own projects; we will offer assistance with color choices when you want to be original.  If you need a cup of coffee to help with decision making, we can do that too.

There are several bright, cheerful new lines in the shop.  Come in and take a look, it will give you hope for warmer weather since we have a winter that doesn’t want to go away.  This ongoing winter, in Minnesota, does give us the opportunity to get those graduation, new baby , and wedding projects done, however.


Spring is Coming,

Angie & Jan

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