American Made

American Made Brand:

American Made Brand

American Made Brand

How many times have we complained that nothing is made in America anymore?  Well, here is our chance to support an industry that is American from the ground up.  The cotton is raised here.  The fabric is woven and dyed here.  It is sold right here at your local quilt store.  This is my own personal statement:  if we support a company like this and don’t just opt for what is the cheapest on the market, I will wager that we will see more American Made Brand.  That is exciting.

The Snow Days by Crabapple Hill BOM is completed and we have some very different and very beautiful interpretations of the quilt:

Mary's interpretation of Snow Days

Mary’s interpretation of Snow Days

Rita's interpretation of Snow Days

Rita’s interpretation of Snow Days

I can hardly wait to see others as they complete their quilts (including my own).  The TNQ sample is hanging in the shop.  You can still purchase the pattern and supplies to create your own masterpiece.  It is really worth the effort.

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Have a Blessed Easter,

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